Dienna Bentley recommends Air Care of Central Florida.
5 months ago

"Unprofessional. I had my ac ducts cleaned, evap coil pulled and cleaned, and inside my ac return insulated. The bare minimum was done.Trash was left in my garage (sanding strips). Trash was left in my driveway (two chunks of insulation, used glove, water bottle, and a screw). Also, only after mowing my grass a few weeks later and running over them with my lawnmower, did I see that an entire HANDFUL of screws was also thrown in my grass near the side of my house. I also found four screws outside on the ground near my water hose.Although a tarp was placed when cleaning the ducts, the technician still made a mess in every single room. Which he didn't clean up. He also sprayed disinfectant in one room and sprayed it directly on my cat's food and water bowl. He also put some mastic on and just applied it I large gobs and didn't even cover all the areas he was supposed to. He left fingerprints of mastic on my newly painted wall. Which, when I cleaned off, took the paint off with it. He ran out of some type of supply and had to take a break to go back to the shop to get it.The ac paneling cover in my garage was replaced and it was not fully sealed/taped around the openings. I went out to look at this before the technician left and he said the ac unit was still pulling air from somewhere but he didn't know where. Only after he left did I look at it closer to see that he hadn't done a good job taping it and sealing it back, and that's probably where it's pulling air from, as it still has small openings.Overall a frustrating experience to pay so much money to have someone leave trash all over my house and yard and do such sloppy repair work. Wouldn't recommend."
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