Parish Fede recommends Air Care of Central Florida.
3 months ago

"We recently had a company come in to assess our AC unit, as we had just purchased a new home with a small unit upstairs for two bedrooms. The technician informed us that repairing the unit would cost a few thousand dollars and even then, there was a chance it could break again. To our surprise, he suggested replacing the unit altogether, estimating a staggering cost of over 8 thousand dollars. Furthermore, he claimed that the unit had a leak and was plagued with mold, emphasizing how terrible this was, especially for a new married couple looking to start a family.Thankfully, we decided to seek additional opinions before making any decisions. We were relieved to find that the other two experts we consulted disagreed with the initial assessment. They found no evidence of mold and offered to fix the unit at a cost that was less than half of the first technician's quote. This experience served as a valuable lesson for us, highlighting the importance of obtaining multiple opinions and not allowing others to take advantage of our situation.In conclusion, it is essential to exercise caution and obtain second and third opinions when dealing with such matters. Don't hesitate to be diligent in protecting yourself from potential exploitation"
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