AC Maintenance

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An air conditioning system is estimated to last up to 15 years. However, in order to get the most out of your system it needs to be checked by a professional each year. The best time for a tune-up is usually before the summer and winter months when the system will be working its hardest.

During a maintenance visit a technician will closely examine all of the components of the system. They will check the motor, compressor and all other moving parts. In addition, the condenser coils will be cleaned, the thermostat will be calibrated, and the refrigerant levels will be inspected and checked for leaks. Lastly, if needed, small adjustments or repairs will be made so that your air conditioning system is working at peak performance.

By scheduling to have your air conditioning system checked each year you will reap many benefits. The system will have better performance and efficiency, you will likely not have to spend money on big repairs at inopportune times, the air quality is better, the lifespan of your system is likely to be much longer, it will use less energy thus costing you less money on electricity, and a regularly maintained system reduces the risk of a house fire.

Regular air conditioner maintenance will give you peace of mind. It will ensure you knowing you and your family are comfortable during the winter and summer months, you’re safer, your health is better because your air quality is better, and you saved money in the process.

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